Monday, October 26, 2009

Resolving Error Codes 126, 127, 144, and 145 in MySQL database

Sometimes, when you attempt to access the records saved in MySQL database table, there is a possibility of getting an error message. The error message primarily occurs due to MySQL database corruption. Few main causes of MySQL database corruption are server crash, MySQL bug, damaged table handler, and many more similar reasons. In such situation, the records stored in your MySQL database components become inaccessible. For complete access of records in such scenarios, an ideal way is to restore the data from an updated and valid backup. However, if no backup is available or backup falls short to restore the correct records, then you will need to opt for advanced third party MySQL Repair application.

Consider a practical scenario, where you attempt to mount your MySQL database (Employee) and receive any of the below error messages:

“Got error 126 from table handler”
“Got error 127 from table handler”
“Got error 144 from table handler”
“Got error 145 from table handler”

Data stored in the Employee database becomes inaccessible after any of the above error message appears. In addition, the same error messages appear each time you attempt to mount your Employee database.


The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is corruption of Employee database after damage in table handler.

To resolve the above error message and access the records stored in the Employee database, you will need to run the below command to analyze the below command to check the extent of Employee database corruption:

“Check Table tablename”

After analyzing the extent of Access database corruption, you will need to use the below repair command:

“Repair Table tablename”

In most cases, the above resolution resolves your issue and the database becomes inaccessible. However, if the database remains inaccessible and you still encounter the above error message, then you will need to use advanced MySQL Database Recovery software. These MySQL Recovery utilities provide secure, comprehensive, and fast database repair by maintaining the intactness of data.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is a effective MySQL Database Recovery tool to repair corrupt MySQL database created in both MySQL database storage engines – MyISAM and InnoDB. Designed for Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000, the read only software safely recovers almost all MySQL components including tables, primary key(s), and relations.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Resolving Error 29 in MySQL Database

Mysqldump is a backup program that allows you to dump MySQL database(s) or transfer the records to another SQL Server. The dump contains SQL statements that can either populate the table or create the table. While the backup program creates backup in most cases, the program gets halted when your database gets corrupted or damaged. In most of these situations, you encounter an error message that does not allow you to create a backup. To overcome these situations, you will need to use an advanced MySQL Repair tool to repair the corrupted or damaged MySQL database.

Consider a practical scenario, where you try and do a mysqldump, and encounter the below error message:

[root@www diaendomet]# mysqldump -ucojjohealth -p --all-databases >
Enter password:
mysqldump: Got error: 29: File '../diaendomet/users.MYD' not found
(Errcode: 2) when using LOCK TABLES

The same error message appears each time you attempt to run mysqldump. In addition, the mysqldump halts every time it encounters the above error.


The fundamental cause for the occurrence of the above error message is corruption of MySQL database. Few main reasons for MySQL database corruption are improper system shutdown, virus attack, and application malfunction.


To resolve the above error message, you will need to run the below command:

“mysqlcheck --all-databases --auto-repair -ucojjohealth -p”

While the above command repairs corrupted databases in most cases, there is a possibility of getting a new error message after this command:

“error: File '../diaendomet/users.MYD' not found (Errcode: 2)”

If you encounter the above error message, then your database has been corrupted badly. To repair your database in such situations, you will need to use third-party MySQL Database Recovery tools. MySQL Recovery utilities provide advanced, complete, and risk-free database repair applications that repair damaged MySQL database while maintaining the intactness of data. These tools employ high-end scanning mechanisms to comprehensively repair the corrupted MySQL databases. With to-the-point documentation, the tools serve as self-explanatory and repair-centric tools.

Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Resolve “Record-file is crashed” Error in MySQL

MySQL database is made up of several tables, which store data in the form of rows and columns. A MySQL database table is the collection of several interrelated data records. The MySQL database tables are identified with different and unique names. You can easily and quickly identify table corruption when they produce incorrect result or retrieve irrelevant data. MySQL database corruption generally caused by improper system shutdown or application shutdown, application bug in MyISAM or MySQL code, user of third party application (such as myisamchk) on like table, virus infection, faulty memory and so forth. In these critical situations, if you do not have complete backup of your database, you are required to go for effective MySQL Database Recovery using advanced tools.

In a practical scenario, where you use the Select statement to show all records of the Employee table. For this purpose you write below command:

Select * from employee;

When you execute this MySQL command, you come across below given error message and you does not get any record as output:

“Record-file is crashed”

The same problem might occur with any of the database table. Above error message indicates that the database table is damaged. Furthermore, you come across same error message and face same behavior every time when you run Select statement on MySQL table. Subsequent to the above error, all of the data stored in particular database table become inaccessible and you come across data loss situations. At this point, you are required to find out the cause of this problem and go for MySQL Recovery by resolving it.


In order to work around this issue and gain access of your mission critical data, first of all check the database table for corruption and integrity using underwritten command:


After completion of this process, repair damaged database table using following command:
However, when the repair command can not fix the above issue, data may still remain inaccessible and you face same problem. In such cases, you should go for third party SQL Database Recovery software for assured and complete recovery.

These tools use high-end scanning techniques for in-depth scanning of affected database and retrieve all of its objects. These MySQL Repair applications have self-descriptive and interactive graphical user interface to offer ease of use. Due to read-only and non-destructive conduct, these tools are completely safe to use.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Resolving “Database page corruption” Error in MySQL

MySQL database uses two storage engines- InnoDB and ISAM. InnoDB is the standard element of all current MySQL libraries. It supports several feature, which make it better than other storage engines. The features include foreign key support and storing data in primary key order. The InnoDB also features ACID properties- compliant transaction support, which allows it to recover from unforeseen crashes. In some situations, the InnoDB database may corrupt if you kill Mysqlid process, virus infection, improper system shutdown, application malfunction and many others. In such cases, you need to restore your database from most recent backup. If the backup is not available or up to date, you will require MySQL Recovery solutions to retrieve data from damaged database.

In a practical scenario, you might come across below error message while trying to access data from an InnoDB database:

“Database page corruption on disk or a failed file read”

When this error message occurs, the MySQL application and database crashes down and renders all your critical data inaccessible. In order to gain access of your valuable data in such situations, you need to find out the cause of this behavior and go for MySQL Recovery by resolving it.

Root of the problem

As stated in the above error message, this problem occur due to corruption to the database pages or entire database. When database corruption occurs, MySQL can not read information from database and returns the error. However, other reasons of above problem can be improperly configured or damaged libraries.


To sort out above problem, go through underwritten steps:

Check that all the linked libraries are correct and properly configured.
If the MySQL database is corrupted, use following steps to recover:
Analyze MySQL table corruption by this command:
Check Table tablename
Run following command to repair the damaged table:
Repair Table tablename
If the error message still occurs, repair and restore the damaged database using MySQL Repair software.

These are effective applications, which let you carry out absolute MySQL Database Recovery in most of the corruption scenarios. They are completely easy to use as they have interactive and simple graphical user interface. The software do not alter original contents of the database due to read-only behavior.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is a powerful utility to handle all types of MySQL database corruption issues. It supports recovery from MySQL 5.x and 4.x. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP and 2000 and all major Linux distributions.