Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Resolve “Record-file is crashed” Error in MySQL

MySQL database is made up of several tables, which store data in the form of rows and columns. A MySQL database table is the collection of several interrelated data records. The MySQL database tables are identified with different and unique names. You can easily and quickly identify table corruption when they produce incorrect result or retrieve irrelevant data. MySQL database corruption generally caused by improper system shutdown or application shutdown, application bug in MyISAM or MySQL code, user of third party application (such as myisamchk) on like table, virus infection, faulty memory and so forth. In these critical situations, if you do not have complete backup of your database, you are required to go for effective MySQL Database Recovery using advanced tools.

In a practical scenario, where you use the Select statement to show all records of the Employee table. For this purpose you write below command:

Select * from employee;

When you execute this MySQL command, you come across below given error message and you does not get any record as output:

“Record-file is crashed”

The same problem might occur with any of the database table. Above error message indicates that the database table is damaged. Furthermore, you come across same error message and face same behavior every time when you run Select statement on MySQL table. Subsequent to the above error, all of the data stored in particular database table become inaccessible and you come across data loss situations. At this point, you are required to find out the cause of this problem and go for MySQL Recovery by resolving it.


In order to work around this issue and gain access of your mission critical data, first of all check the database table for corruption and integrity using underwritten command:


After completion of this process, repair damaged database table using following command:
However, when the repair command can not fix the above issue, data may still remain inaccessible and you face same problem. In such cases, you should go for third party SQL Database Recovery software for assured and complete recovery.

These tools use high-end scanning techniques for in-depth scanning of affected database and retrieve all of its objects. These MySQL Repair applications have self-descriptive and interactive graphical user interface to offer ease of use. Due to read-only and non-destructive conduct, these tools are completely safe to use.

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