Saturday, December 5, 2009

Upgradation to 5.1.28 results in MySQL Database Corruption

Upgradation to a new version of MySQL database server allows you to remove all the bugs in the previous version. It also enables you to improve the server performance, security, and retrieval results. While upgradation allows you with numerous benefits, it can also result in corruption or damage of your database. In such situations, your database becomes unmountable and its records inaccessible. To successfully access your database records, an ideal way is to restore your database from an updated backup. However, there have been thousands of case studies where the user has either not created any backup or its backup file has been corrupted or damaged due to various internal or external factors. For such corruption scenarios, you will need to repair your database by using advanced MySQL Repair software.

Consider a practical scenario, where you upgraded your system from 5.0.27 to 5.1.28 on Windows Vista operating system. However, when the upgradataion is complete and you attempt to access your database components, they become inaccessible. Furthermore, you also encounter an error message stating that your tables have been corrupted.


Few main causes for the corruption of tables are discussed below:

Improper upgradataion
Incomplete upgradation


To resolve the above error message and to access your database records, you will need to follow the below steps:

1.Downgrade to the previous version of MySQL database server.
2.Restore data from an updated backup.
The above resolution proves successful in most of corruption scenarios. The resolution only fails to perform when you have not created any database backup or the backup is corrupted. In such circumstances, the only way left to repair your database and to access the records is by using a powerful third-party MySQL Database Repair application.

Such MySQL Recovery applications use intensive scanning techniques to repair and restore all MySQL database components. With highly graphical user-interface, these tools are easy to understand without any former technical understanding. These non-destructive applications provide safe repair by not making any changes in the original database file.

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