Friday, January 22, 2010

MySQL Database Table corrupt after running a Procedure

A procedure is a group of specific set of actions and operations to perform a particular task. These actions consist of various queries that fetch data from various tables connected to a database. While creating and running a procedure makes your work easy, it can also result into corruption of a database table. This occurs when either of the queries in the procedure is fetching records from two tables, one of which is corrupted due to virus infection. In such situations, an ideal way is to delete the virus infected database table and restore the table from an virus-free and latest database backup. However, if in case the database backup is unable to restore the required table or the backup is corrupted/damaged, then you will need to use a third-party MySQL Repair application to repair the corrupt table.

Picture a scenario, where you have created a below script to perform certain operation:

Create Procedure
Run Procedure
Drop Procedure

However, after the above script runs, you find that one of your table always gets corrupted. Furthermore, the records stored on that table become inaccessible after it gets damaged.


The table gets corrupted if there is query that relates it with another table, which is virus-infected. To prevent the table from being corrupted, you should always scan your database components with an up-to-date anti-virus software.


To resolve the above error message and to repair the table, you will need to run the “myisamchk” command. While the above command repair the table in most cases, it fails to repair the tables in case of severe corruption. For repairing such tables, you will need to use an advanced Repair MySQL Database application.

Easily downloaded from the Internet, these MySQL Repair applications can repair MYSQL database tables, regardless of their extent of corruption. These tools are primarily incorporated with an interactive user-documentation so that even a novice user can perform the repair task. Such repair utilities use high-end scanning methods to repair the corrupt table and also allow you to restore the repaired table on your desired location.

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