Monday, March 8, 2010

Incorrect Key Files in Table Cause Corruption in MySQL Database

In MySQL database, the tables that are created by end user, that allows the users to store various kinds of data. These database tables are actually store all of your data and create the database. But in some cases, the database tables could get damaged due to interruption in mysqld (MySQL Server) procedures, virus infection, application bug, improper system shutdown, but in MySQL or MyISAM code and many alike. In these circumstances, the stored data become inaccessible and you come across data loss situations. In order to access data in these cases, you are required to go for data restoration from backup. In case if the restore process fails or you do not have backup, then you need to repair and restore the database using MySQL Recovery solutions.

In a practical scenario, when you try to open a MySQL database table, you might come across the below given error message and the table remains inaccessible:

"Incorrect key file for table: 'Users'. Try to repair it"

Subsequent to the above error message, the database queries don't find the rows in database table and thus you get incomplete results. Major reason behind the occurrence of the above error message is damage to the database table because of improper system shutdown.


In order to sort out this problem and gain access of your valuable data, you need to repair and restore the damaged database tables. For this, you need to run the following command from MySQL prompt:


However, if you are not able to access MySQL prompt, then you need to access shell and then run myisamck tool. For checking the database table, you are required to run underwritten command on shell:

myisamchk /path/to/the/table

For repairing the table, write underwritten command on shell:

myisamchk -r /path/to/the/table

When all else fails, it becomes essential for you to go for third party applications to repair and restore the database. These applications are known MySQL Recovery software. They use efficient scanning algorithms to effectively scan the damaged database and retrieve all of the data from them.

These MySQL Repair applications do not demand sound and prior technical skills to repair the database as they have interactive user interface. The MySQL Database Recovery tools are complete safe to use with read only conduct.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is the most excellent solution for MySQL database corruption situations. This software supports recovery from InnoDB and MyISAM database engines of MySQL. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP and 2000 and on the Linux platform.

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