Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MySQL Fails to Start After Upgrading Fedora

MySQL is a multi-threaded and multi-user database server that allows implementing client/server architecture. It is consisted of different client libraries and programs and a server daemon called mysqld. MySQL can work on various system platforms including Linux. At times, you observe that after you upgrade the system, MySQL fails to start. It could occur if the database has become inconsistent due to errors while upgrading the system. In such situations, you need to use your backup or MySQL Repair tools to restore the corrupted database and its components.

For an instance, you are using MySQL on a Fedora Core 10 installed system. You upgrade the system to Fedora Core 11 and after this, when you attempt to start MySQL, it fails. Viewing the /var/log/mysql error log gives you errors such as:

"Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Incorrect key file for table 'table_name; try to repair it"

The error log also describes to run mysql_upgrade and further errors such as:

"Incorrect key file for table 'table_name'; try to repair it"

As suggested, you cannot run mysql_upgrade as MySQL is failing to start.


One of the prominent reasons for such errors to occur is that MySQL tables have got corrupted due to version incompatibilities issues.


To reconcile the issue, you can try applying these methods of recovery:

If a clean database backup is available, use it to restore You need to run mysql_upgrade that is competent to check all database tables for incompatibility issues with the existing version of MySQL Server. After any error is found, the tool attempts to repair the table. You can also downgrade your MySQL installation to MySQL 5.0.67 and repair the table by running the below command:

REPAIR TABLE table_name

You can then upgrade MySQL to the current version. If above measures prove to be useless, you need to use MySQL Repair software. MySQL Recovery applications are competent products built with powerful database repair technology that restore corrupted database safely and provide interactive interface.

MySQL is a powerful Repair MySQL Database utility that supports both MySQL database storage engines - MyISAM and InnoDB. It can completely repair and restore MySQL objects such as tables, primary key(s) and relations. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. It supports MySQL 5.x. It also supports Windows based recovery from MySQL database installed on Linux platform.

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