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Table Crash Might Cause Database Corruption in MySQL

Each MySQL database is an organized group of table, which store data and information in form of rows and columns. Tables could be added or deleted as per your requirement. But in some situations, the database tables might get damaged and the stored data become inaccessible. Generally the MySQL tables are damaged due to improper system shutdown, using external application (such as myisamchk) on like table, insufficient disk space, virus infection, faulty memory and many alike. Corruption to database table cause serious data loss situations. In these cases, for absolute recovery, restore data from most recent backup. But if the backup is not available, you need to go for MySQL Repair solutions to get your critical data back.

In a practical scenario, when you try to access the MyISAM (account) table in MySQL database, you might come across below given error message and the process might get terminated:

“MySQL error: 145
Table './rootforu_forum/Accounts' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
Query: SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE sid='73bc9dbecbab357dc2ca7a54fb410f09' AND ip='XX.XX.X.XXX' LIMIT 1”

The above error message indicates that corruption has occurred in the Accounts table of MyISAM database and thus you can not get into account.

Root of the problem

The major cause of this problem is corruption to the MyISAM table or entire database. The corruption could be due to insufficient memory space. In above scenario, the Accounts table needs to be repaired and restores for further accessing of the database.


In order to sort out above issue and carry out MySQL Repair, check database corruption using below command:

“CHECK TABLE Accounts;
(If the Accounts table is stored on server, make sure that the server is currently running)
Next, repair Accounts table by using any of the following commands:

% mysqlcheck -uuser -ppass Accounts fixtures;
(When you run this command, make sure that the server is currently running)
% myisamchk fixtures Accounts.MYI
(The server must be down and the Accounts table must be inactive when you run this command)

When all else fails to sort out your problem, go for MySQL Recovery using third party software. These software are particularly designed to effectively scan the damaged database and retrieve all of the data from it. The MySQL Recovery software are completely easy and safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is the most popular and widely used software to ensure perfect recovery. This read only application works well with MySQL 5.x and 4.x. This software is designed for Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and Linux distributions.

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