Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Repair MySQL Database to Handle MYI File Corruption

MySQL is a comprehensive and efficient Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which manages your data effectively using the storage engines. There are two major Storage Engines used by MySQL- MyISAM and InnoDB. In most of the MySQL versions, MyISAM is the standard storage engine that uses older ISAM code as a base. Sometimes, MySQL can not open the files of the MyISAM storage engine and you run across data loss. The problem can be due to corruption to the database and put you in need of MySQL Repair solutions.

The MyISAM tables are made up of several files, such as .MYI (MyIndex), .MYD, and .frm files. The MYI is the index file of MyISAM that is used to store the table indexes. However, there are some situations where MySQL can not open the Index file. The most probable reason of this behavior can be corruption to this file. It leads to severe data loss problems and thus you have to repair MySQL database using -advanced MySQL recovery techniques.

As an example of this problem with your MySQL database, you may encounter the below error message while accessing data from the database:

“can't find file: .MYI”

At this point of time, it becomes essential to find out the actual cause of the problem and sort it out using MySQL repair tools.

Root of the problem:

As sated in the above error message, the problem occurs due to corruption to the MYI file. MySQL Index file corruption may be the outcome of unexpected system shutdown, application malfunction, virus infection, improper editing of the database, and more.


You can Repair MySQL Database in such situations using any of the following methods:

• Check database corruption using inbuilt MySQL commands, like CHECK TABLE, myisamchk, and mysqlcheck.
• If corruption is detected, using REPAIR TABLE command to fix it.
• In case problem persists, restore MySQL database from recent backup.
• When all else fail, use third-party MySQL recovery software to repair and restore the database.

Such applications are very handle to effectively fix database corruption in all scenarios. They have pretty simple graphical user interface to offer easy recovery. One of the most popular MySQL recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL. It works well with both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines.

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