Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MySQL Repair to Fix Tables Corrupted After Delete Operation

MySQL database stores all your precious data in the form of tables. The database storage is managed by two major storage engines- MyISAM and InnoDB. Both these engines offer advanced features to manage the database. MySQL database management commands include ‘Delete’ operation. This statement enables you to delete selected or all rows from a table. It also provides the total number of rows that are deleted. Howerver, under some circumstances, the MySQL database may get corrupted after this operation and put you in need of MySQL recovery solutions.

The first and foremost thing for the edit operations on your MySQL database is that you must have sufficient privileges to do it. Delete operation on the database is pretty safe if you are doing it properly. But there are some situations where your MySQL database may give you strange errors when you attempt to access the database after running Delete statement. This behavior makes your significant data inaccessible and lead to critical data loss.

For a real life example of this problem with your MySQL database, you may encounter the below error message when you run the Delete query on your database:

“InnoDB: Failing assertion: fil_page_get_type(page) == FIL_PAGE_TYPE_BLOB...”

The delete statment fails to work after this error message. Along with that, all the records of MySQL table become unusable. In such situations, you have to find out the reason of this issue and fix it using MySQL repair solutions.

Root of the problem:

You may encounter this behavior of MySQL database management system due to any of the following reasons:

• The MySQL server installation is faulty.
• There is a buggy BLOB handling in MySQL database.


In order to sort out this problem with MySQL database, you can try the following MySQL recovery solutions:

• Run CHECK TABLE and REPAIR TABLE commands on affected table.
• Restore database from valid backup.
• Use third party MySQL database repair applications.

The commercial software are very useful in all corruption scenarios. They help you repair and restore corrupted database extremely effectively. Such applications restore all database objects, including tables, reports, forms, stored procedures, and triggers. They works well with databases created using both InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines.

1. Run check table on corrupt table
2. Then run repair table command on that table
3. Try and re-run the Delete command.

There is still a slight possibility that your table still remains corrupted after following the above steps. For successful and complete repairing of table, you will need to use an advanced MySQL Database Repair software. Such tools use powerful repairing methods to provide absolute MySQL Repair in all situations. With interactive user-interface, these tools are easy-to-understand without any prior technical knowledge. These non destructive tools ensure safe repair of database without making any changes in the original MySQL database.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is a proficient MySQL Database Repair software to repair damaged databases built in MyISAM and InnoDB MySQL database storage engines. The repair tool recovers and restores MySQL database components (tables, primary key(s), and relations, etc.) on default or new user-specified location. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.


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